10 Reasons to Attend WCCE2017

  • tech

  • 1.
    Be involved in the future
    of technology for learning
    and education

  • business

  • 2.
    See the latest research and business solutions transformed into educational best practice

  • teacher

  • 3.
    Network with world leading
    teachers, educators, professionals
    and technologists

  • science

  • 4.
    Increase your knowledge
    of Computer Science
    in Education

  • tech and society

  • 5.
    Appreciate how inclusive and adaptive
    technologies can impact both
    society and knowledge

  • innovations

  • 6.
    Share your experiences at
    innovative workshops on
    learning technologies

  • global

  • 7.
    Discover global and mobile
    opportunities for education in
    developed and developing countries

  • education

  • 8.
    Engage with strategy and
    policy experts from government,
    academia and education

  • network

  • 9.
    Help shape the need for ‘Digital Citizens’
    to develop new modes of living,
    learning and working together

  • speaker

  • 10.
    Be inspired by our leading
    international speakers